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Finance Community is a unique destination for social financiers🙋 to get inspired. Also, with the community, Yahoo is trying to build a healthier content ecosystem where people can interact ↔️, communicate 👥 and get useful bites of information.
This is a 0 to 1 project which mainly focused on experience on native apps.
🕒  4 months, 2021-2022
📱  Lead designer, Yahoo Finance
🏷️  Consumer, Financial Social Media, Native apps
Easily see the activities and recent portfolio from your interested investors
View group opinions from different standpoints to inform your investment
All-in-one personal dashboard to take everything in control
Investor clubs to get paid exclusive content and chat with similar investors
Express your opinions and see group's sentiment to your favorite stocks
Yahoo Finance is one of the top destination for investing ideas and inspirations 📊 ,but not for social financiers.
I started the design with an exploration for our key users: social financiers.
Social Financiers
Social Investors, 29% of total investors
Learn about updated financial knowledge from trusted people, to find suitable investment opportunities.
I really like exploring the communities to see what are other people's investment plans.
Financial Influencers, 8% of total financiers
Influence others and engage with their followers with unique financial content.
I want to share my understanding in investing and try to gain followers.
Current Problems
Based on research, we summarized the key pain points from current interfaces.
🧐 Hard to find useful and novel nuggets 
👀 Lack of trust & credibility
💭 Inaccessible community engaging
🤝 Lack of a platform with belonging
So how might we create an integrated financial community that,
Investors as well as influencers can interact ↔️, communicate 👥 and get useful bites of information 🧠 to achieve their investment objectives.
Based on current pain points, I did some explorations and iterations on features, user flows as well as the interfaces.
Based on the use cases of each pain point, we summarized several solutions and finished the MVP with the cross-functional team.
🧐 Hard to find useful and novel nuggets? 
How might we create an integrated space 🎳 where users can share their thoughts to and and get useful financial ideas from their relations?
I tried to incorporate a new flow within a separate community tab where users can see a variety of different insights - from what's relevant to more exploratory insights.

*Updates on my posts and activities
*Followed users’ activities, portfolios
*Trending discussion and stocks
*Top influencers and top performers
With the user testing, we got some interesting feedback about users' need. Therefore, I did several iterations and introduced some new features.
How can I overview people’s opinions for my interested stocks?
* Vote for your feelings
*See group sentiment based on your portfolio and watchlists
How can I get insights from my interested investors?
So I also explored an insightful profile page for them to get insights from interested investors.
💰  How they invest
💭  What they think
👥  Who else to follow
When users click on the portfolio details, I try to make the portfolio presentation more intuitive with suitable data metrics and visualizations ↓
👀 Lack of trust & credibility?
The goal is to help users build trust on each other - also trust on yahoo finance platform.
☑️ For profile page, I tried to build trust in 3 dimensions - to avoid trust issue for users' interested investors and their data.
3rd-party identification
Robinhood, Fidelity, Chase…
Social media connection
Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook…
Badge system
Star Performer, Early Bird, Crypto Master…
🤑 How can we help users see others’ post wisely?
It’s hard for users to trust others' opinions cause users feel that these people may manipulate the market.
🎛 Show users posts based on different perspectives - buyers, sellers, holders or watchers.
⚠️ Disclaim posts’ bias based on portfolios
🤑 But I still have trust issue on the platform…
In the testing sessions, users are also really concerned about their privacy - Will yahoo finance sell our data?
So, I designed an all-in-one community dashboard to help users to get everything in control.
💭 Inaccessible community engaging?
We introduced a separate community tab - but users are not used to it in our beta launch.
So, I iterated to make community feature more in context and fit all these features in users’ current workflow
🔠 Community section in Quote Summary Page
💹 Post updates in News articles
🤑 Short quote summary
Another problem is for the stock ticker in the stream - users will be guided to the full quote summary page.
Therefore, I introduced a short quote summary pop-up to loop users within the community flow when they click on the stock pills.
💳 Financial Dictionary
Another interesting insight we got is that for many new investors, it’s hard to understand what these people are talking about, especially when they use some financial terms.
So, I explored a financial dictionary with our developers, where we could detect some common terms in the posts and provide a dictionary just one click away for the users.
🤝 Lack of platform with belonging
The last pain point is lack of a platform with belonging - especially for influencers and followers who want to build a tighter connection. 
So how can we help them bond together better? In the research we analyzed users' mindset for different community structures.
📺 Information utility
🎙 Forum
🧸 Community
Larger group
Medium group
Smaller group
Anonymous members
Semi-identified members
Identified members
Mixed Terms
Established parameters
Common language
AI / basic moderation
Admins / human moderated
Thought leaders / Influencers
Personal connections
Limited trust
Trust meets expectation
Satisfaction with experience
We found that, especially in financial field, users are lacking communities with more privacy and connection.
So, we decided to establish investor clubs that combines the 'forum' and 'community' characters.
So that users can see paid exclusive content and influencers can connect followers by chatting on specific topics.
🎯 Results
Finance Community deployed 30% iOS bucket test for U.S. users and the avg. time spent for the finance native app increased ⏫ 6.4%.
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