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Frederic is a senior product designer at Yahoo Finance. Currently He is leading the design of Yahoo Finance apps as well as finance community features.
He is really interested in designing cool interactions with pioneering technologies. His former work includes fintech, AI+ products, gamification experience, information visualization, mixed reality, ubiquitous computing, etc.
He is always curious about galaxies and cats.
From Max Beech,
Senior Product Manager @ Yahoo
"It was a pleasure to work with Fred during our time together on Yahoo Finance. We worked closely on both the Yahoo Finance apps alongside a number of special projects. Whatever the initiative, Fred approached it with a fresh, creative outlook leading to many smart and highly intuitive designs.

When it came to particularly high pressured projects, Fred rose to the challenge and was able to very quickly build and iterate on designs even when direction was more limited.I really wish Fred all the best in his career going forwards."

From Jing Wang,
Senior Product Designer @ Yahoo
"Without a doubt, Fred is one of the most creative designers I've ever had the privilege to work alongside. His visual skills are simply astounding, and he has a unique ability to transform cool styles into beautifully crafted interface designs.

Fred's talent truly shines when it comes to designing a feature from inception to completion. I remember a time when he wowed the entire team with his work on a live streaming project. In just a matter of days, he skillfully identified user pain points, crafted intuitive user flows, and delivered stunning interfaces. I must say, I learned a great deal from observing his process and approach."

From Hamza Siddiqui,
Senior Interaction Designer @ Google
"Fred is a thoughtful, passionate, and skilled designer that is able to digest complex requirements and create intuitive designs. Fred has the natural ability to work with cross-functional stakeholders, communicate effectively, and deliver polished user experiences. He is a joy to work with and a dedicated worker, any team would be lucky to have him."