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Frederic Liu, a digital product designer who design for real-world paradoxes. He is based in San Francisco bay area w/ his cat Cupid.
Currently helping people invest at yahoo finance . Previously created some cool shit at google and georgia tech .
Enterprise, Internship at Google
Google Ads Insights Finder
Wearable Experience
Interactive Device, Conversational UI
Nemo the Talking Fish
Mobile, Design Challenge
Tesla Solar Roof
Hey there. I am ƒ.ℓ. Frederic Liu, also known as Yizhou.
I kept finding myself in paradoxes from a young age. Like I played the saxophone🎷 a lot but electronic music🎚 has occupied my playlist. Also like, being an astronomer🪐 was my childhood dream, but I ended up to become a designer💡.
As I entered tech industry, paradoxes haunted me still. I love that new technologies can be the sharpest knife to kill bore and limitations🥱, but I also hate how it swallows our life - so right now my philosophy is to always design for a subtle balance in such a charming and dangerous paradox 😈.
The paradoxes has made me and took me here.
It will still guide me further.